At the Julianna Poor Memorial Counseling Center at Houston's First Baptist Church we have developed a “Team” approach to meet the needs of families that come in for counseling. Often when a family has issues or a crisis, one or two individuals are the focus. We have come to believe that the best way to see those individuals succeed and for the family to succeed is to get everyone involved.

We see the family as a team with each person having an important role in change. Parent(s) are the leaders who often need some more specific direction in how to deal with their children. Children are still growing and learning and need some help sometimes expressing what they need or how to relate to siblings.

Our goal is to help parents understand how to relate to their children in a way that is beneficial for both and provide a safe way for children to express themselves.

If you are interested in seeking counseling for your family we ask that you watch this introduction to our approach and some of the research behind why we do what we do. After you have watched the presentation you may fill out the online inquiry and your information will be sent to us. We will then contact you about setting up a parent intake and getting the process started. If you have any additional questions please contact or

Our Approach

Family Counseling Inquiry Form

Classes and Trainings

Parenting Module Series
Foster / Adopt Parenting Module Series

This is an in-depth, six week training session developed by counselor Mary Ring, family team coordinator. This series, which includes videos, activity training and question and answer time, will provide a thorough treatment plan for families that have children who have experienced disruption, distress, or even emotional trauma. The family team therapists will train parents on how to establish better connections and become more regulated with their children as well as train parents about Theraplay activities that can be done at home. While ideal for parents of adopted and foster children, this training series will also benefit families with children who have experienced any issues of attachment and trauma.


Family Team Members