What is NextGen?

Traditional Ministry

Traditional Ministry is compartmentalized and does not smoothly transition children from one life stage to the next.

NextGen Ministry

NextGen is intentional in its approach to transitioning students, creating synergy and equipping parents.

The Next Generations Ministry brings together Preschool, Children and Student Ministries (at the Loop) to accomplish three things:

  1. Smooth transitions from one stage to the next for parents and children.
  2. Aligned values and purposes that promote synergy between the stages of childhood to provide a better relationship between church and home.
  3. Focused energy on supporting and equipping parents to disciple well.

To visit the Holy Land is an amazing experience and one that can have a life-changing impact on a child. This family trip will allow moms and dads, grandparents and kids to share this experience. However, this is a family trip, so no kids without parents and no adults without kids (family members). This trip is most ideal for kids that are 3rd grade and above (at the time of the trip). For more information, check out our Israel Trip page.

Grow @ Home

Grow at Home

Grow@Home is a churchwide commitment to encourage spiritual growth at home. Spiritual training at home and regular attendance at Life Bible Study and Milestones at Houston’s First lay the foundation for a deep and lasting faith. The goal of NextGen Ministry is to aid families in becoming the primary disciplemakers of their children.

NextGen wants to help families of kids 18 and under to G@H through . . .

G@H Celebrations

Events that celebrate the impact of growth at church and in the home. 

Parent Commitment (infants through 12 months)

The Loop — Oct 18, Feb 28, and May 22
Cypress — Aug 16 and Nov 8
Contact:   or 713-957-7612

1st Grade Bible Presentation

The Loop — Spring 2016
Sienna — Sep 13
Contact:   or 713-957-7621

Welcome to the HUB (kids entering 6th grade)

The Loop — Sun, Aug 16 
Contact:   or 713-957-7631

G@H Parent Path

A path of resources (books, classes, seminars and conferences) to equip parents to  disciple their children.

Parent Path Books

Preschool (birth to K)

  • Boundaries for Kids 
  • Growing Up Social 
  • Grace-Based Parenting 
  • Shepherding a Child’s Heart

Children’s (1st – 5th Grade)

  • 5 Conversations You Must have with your Son/Daughter 
  • Impress Faith on Your Kids 
  • Raising Kids for True Greatness 
  • Visionary Parenting

Student’s (6th – 12th Grade)

  • Sticky Faith
  • Artificial Maturity 
  • Parenting by Design 
  • Tech Savvy Parenting
Parent Path Milestones Classes
Seminars and Conferences

Coming Soon

G@H Experiences

One-day or weekend events designed for parents to teach a value (service, purity, responsibility, etc.) in a way that is interactive and fun.

4th Grade: Passport 2 Purity — Spring 2016
8th Grade: Outback Texas — Apr 22–24, 2016
10th Grade: Rite of Passage Weekend — TBA

Here’s our TOP Five list of how to start making disciples of your child:

  1. Use dinner time to pray and to talk about spiritual things.
  2. Encourage them to read their Bible (or read to them) each day and plan a weekly time to discuss what your family is learning.
  3. Ask how you can pray for them and then do!
  4. Encourage them to talk about their faith as part of their everyday experiences.
  5. Fall in love with Jesus yourself and share that experience with your son or daughter.

Resources for Parents

30 Day Calendar to Pray for your Children - Text "pray4kids" to 72717 to begin your journey!

Preschoolers (Birth–K)


Children (1st–5th Grade)

Devotionals for Kids:
  • Family Connect - Weekly email on Sundays from the First Kids Staff which contains: Iparent podcast and Life Bible Study material to help parents connect Sunday to Sunday. Email to start receiving this resource.
  • Splink - It’s a FREE weekly email packed with ideas to help connect your family. Splinks are creative ways of interacting with your children through the use of faith talks, devotional starters and ideas for family time.

Teenagers (6th–12th Grade)


NextGen Staff

The Loop

Melinda Scurlock

Director of Preschool & Kindergarten
Preschool & Kindergarten

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Chad Overton

Minister to Children

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Justin Holcomb

Student Minister

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Erin Ruddle

Cypress Campus Director of Preschool & Children's Ministry

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Patrick Simpson

Cypress Campus Children’s Ministry Associate

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Josh Ganjavi

Cypress Campus Minister to Students

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Kaylyn Sinclair

Cypress Campus Student Ministry Associate

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Kristin Fowles

Director of Preschool
Downtown Campus

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Jordan Floro

Sienna Student Minister
Student Ministry

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Chris Dell

Sienna Director of Children's Ministry
Sienna Campus

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Cara Buis

Director of Preschool
Preschool, Sienna Campus

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